Nick Fradiani wins season 14 of American Idol as middle-aged moms rejoice


Nick Fradiani wins Season 14 of American Idol as I breathe a huge sigh of relief.

I told you last night why he was going to win it and this morning broke it all down. Honestly, I was a little nervous because I felt like I made it seem like it was a no-brainer so if he lost your boy was gonna look like an ass.

Fradiani was a hell of a contestant, deserved the title, and he’s the first Idol who jumped on board the Dudes Review Idol train as a reader before we found out he was a Top 24 guy. Loved that he was all in on my hijinks, but it was good to see a dude be a dude, have a sense of humor and go out and kick ass on stage.

Full column coming soon.