Hollywood Nights: American Idol continues to not makes sense, eliminates Melanie Tierce and I’m pretty sure no one involved in the show knows how the internet works

Me when Melanie Tierce gets booted from the show and we get NO EXPLANATION AT ALL

Me when Melanie Tierce gets booted from the show and we get NO EXPLANATION AT ALL

It doesn’t make sense.

On American Idol, it never has.

Hollywood Week is the best part of American Idol’s audition process. You see the pressure in contestants’ faces, you can hear the nerves in notes and you get to see the joy and the pain come out in equal measure once J-Lo, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. deliver the good or bad news (depending on if you’re in the front or back row).

But for all its greatness, Hollywood Week has a serious flaw and it reared its ugly head again Wednesday night.

There weren’t many surprise inclusions – perhaps Jaci Butler, whose lime jello hair didn’t make up for a poor performance of “Centuries” or cute-as-a-button/bangs legend Michelle Marie, whose sound was incredibly flawed but still got through – but there was at least one glaring elimination and the fact Idol judges and producers left us without answers to how they make their decisions.

Melanie Tierce’s performance Wednesday wasn’t nearly as good as her original audition, but it was far from bad and definitely superior to some of the contestants who did earn a chance to shine/embarrass themselves in Group Night. She was given a little camera time and unceremoniously evicted.

It was a little too reminiscent of Tessa Kate, who had maybe the best audition in Season 13, before getting booted without us hearing from her again. Tessa and Melanie were both model gorgeous, both had soothing, calm W(Girl)WG voices and had what it took to do well on the show. Both left with little explanation.

Idol has shortened the audition process. You can’t possibly fit 190 auditions into a two-hour show, nevermind a one-hour episode and to expect them to would be a little ridiculous. But with the advent of this internet thing, couldn’t it be entirely possible to give viewers a glimpse at every single person who made it to Hollywood?

It wouldn’t be hard. Throw everyone’s headshot up, give fans an opportunity to click their name to listen or watch their audition. Add a link with judges’ comments. Give fans a reason why something happened.

There is one major flaw in that process and it’s what American Idol has always lacked. Transparency.

Idol doesn’t want America to know what ingredients go into their recipe. They know fans will eat the hot dog regardless of how many rat tails are in it.

You don’t have to know the game to tell who’s winning a football game. There’s a scoreboard. When Big Brother or Survivor has an eviction, fans get the vote count. Why can’t American Idol do the same, especially at this point in the show? It’s not like Hollywood Week was last week. It was filmed months ago. More than enough time to put up videos, explanations for elimination and giving fans what they want.

Instead, they just do what they’ve always done and given fans the finger. The middle.

We’re probably going to see several more examples of this for Group Night. Traditionally people have been advanced or eliminated despite all evidence pointing to the contrary. Group Night is the worst night for the competition but the BEST part of Hollywood Week because of the FIGHTS. Oh boy I can’t wait.

Some other notes from the night:

Olivia Rox, Emily Brooke, Jenn Blosil and Shelbie Z are for real.

Trent Harmon is 100 percent passing out during Group Night or he’s going try and make out with everyone to try and improve his chances.

-Hey Idol, you know what I want right now – maybe a list of contestants who are performing in Group Night. Don’t care who they perform with, I just want to know who is still alive.

-By the sound of her audition, it’s clear Jeneve Rose is a badass. Amelia Eisenhauer – who we didn’t see Wednesday – has a sword, so she’s a badass. It these two don’t get together, find a third badass, and become an ass-kicking version of the Dixie Chicks, Scott Borchetta ain’t doing his job right.

-Jenn Blosil’s “J-Blow” comment was Top 5 funniest thing I’ve heard this season and proving, as if their was any doubt, that she may not be an Ivy Leaguer.

-Stop with the Tristan McIntosh. I like to be mentally prepared to cry and not have it sprung on me.

Not fair to keep showing this, Idol.

Not fair to keep showing this, Idol.

-I think I saw Elvie Shane and Kory Wheeler get through, think I saw Adam Lasher tweet about getting through so as long as CJ Johnson is alive my dream of bro-ing out with four contestants when they come to PVD on tour is alive.

Manny Torres completely ignored my column about singing The Weeknd.. I know I blogged it last week and this was filmed months ago, but the point remains – don’t sing “I Can’t Feel My Face” unless you love, love, love cocaine.

-Speaking of Manny, loved how he did the regular voice and then HEAVY Spanish accent once he started talking about him and J-Lo both being from Puerto Rico. I’m wondering if this glimpse of him was just for fun or if this dude makes a run.

Poh Scott’s been on twice. Her sister, Season 14’s Shi, has been shown twice and cried both times. I want this streak to keep going.

Shi Scott during her sister's performances.

Shi Scott during her sister’s performances.

-The words coming out of my mouth when I thought Emily Brooke was eliminated would have made the J-Lo who used to hang out with P Diddy blush. (#NeverForget)

-Need to know if Dalton Rappatoni wears eyeliner or is related to Derek Carr.

-I’m slowly starting to like Jordan Sasser, minus the hair. Part jealousy (#BaldLife), part because man buns are the worst. If he gets on the live shows, I’m paying a competition $100 to snip it off on live TV.

-With the giant afro and gold dress LaPorsha Renae looked like a lion while singing Katy Perry’s “Roar,” which was either the best accident ever or the sneakiest best wardrobe choice in the history of the show.

-Harrison Cohen got booted, which sucks for him. The good news for the young lad is he doesn’t realize how much ass he’s gonna get now that he’s famous. Boy band ass. Could be worse consolation prizes for a high school kid.

-I missed Lee Jean on the first watch because I was so happy to see Melany Huber, but Lee was much better in Hollywood than he was on the original audition. Sneaky Top 12 guy right there.

-Pretty pumped Papa Chavez didn’t embarrass himself like he did when Kyrsti originally performed. I’m sure she is too.

See y’all tomorrow.