Which girls are making the American Idol Top 24? Maybe these 12? Just be ready for tears tonight

These eight would be great picks for the Top 12 and somehow I left all of them off this list.

These eight would be great picks for the Top 12 and somehow I left all of them off this list.

This is an impossible task.

With 34 girls left going into tonight’s 2-hour American Idol cut, 22 are going home. It’s not hard to pick 12 deserve females from this year’s group. It’s not hard to pick 15 or 20. It’s horribly difficult trying to figure out how they’re going to cut 22 performers, considering more than 25 percent of them have barely seen screen time.

That’s what’s throwing me off. It’s like a trick up the sleeve. There are two girls in the Top 34 who we haven’t seen perform once. Get the mind churning a bit. Why are they still there? Why didn’t producers show them?

Then you have the a group of contestants who performed once or maybe part of a song. Why were they shown? Were they included in early auditions to fill time and never panned out? Is this an elaborate curveball? Am I overthinking this too much?

My hope is my predictions are correct because it make me look like a genius, but if I hit 8 out of 12 it’s a giant win. I’ve got five locks and after that it’s a lot of guesswork. The girls pool is deep enough to drown in this year, so I’m gonna go for a dip without my swimmies.

Let’s get through this madness.


1) Emily Brooke

With the screen time and performances, she’s in. She’s straight out of central casting and could really end up being the megastar of Season 15. I’m trying to figure a way she doesn’t get in and unless she gut punches J-Lo and delivers a swift kick to Urban’s crotch, she should be safe.

2) Jenn Blosil

There’s nobody that sounds like her (not entirely true, but just go with it for a second) on the show and she hasn’t missed an audition yet. Her “bad” performance of True Colors was one of the best auditions we’ve had all season. She’s a little nuts, is entertaining as hell and with that sound could end up being one of the last standing come April.

3) Olivia Rox

Much like Emily Brooke, she’s too perfect not to get casted here. I guess the potential scenario exists where Idol doesn’t want Olivia and Emily in the Top 12, but with two young, pretty, blonde performers, the potential to maybe draw in younger viewers for the last season is too much to pass up.

4) Amelia Eisenhauer

The Ginja Ninja didn’t get much love during Hollywood Week but I don’t think it’s coincidence – Idol is pushing other contestants because Amelia’s good enough to hang with the guys. Her musical talent makes her a force and she’s the right kind of crazy that viewers (read: teen and tween girls) won’t hate her. I think her inclusion means Jeneve Mitchell is out, but I’m so baffled by these picks I could see both of them making it.

5) Shelbie Z

Best female voice on the show. That’s usually good enough to get to Top 12 without much of an argument.

Let’s take a short break from putting people in to eliminate some of the 34.


Michelle Marie
Not good enough. Great story, if Idol was smart they bring her back for the season finale to sing with Scott MacIntyre to play off her original audition when they showed a video of her as a small child crying when he got eliminated. When she does get kicked off tonight, hugs for everyone.


Chynna Sherrod
I’ve never wanted a contestant to make the Top 12 so bad. Just a bad year to be on the show as a teenager.

Kayla Mickelsen
She’s terrific, but there’s no way Idol lets two practically invisible indie rock chicks make the Top 12.

Sara Sturm
She might get in so Idol can push the Lee-Sara storyline. Her last audition wasn’t the kind that makes you think Top 12. Want her in just for Motown Week potential.

OK, that’s done. Now we move on to categorizing the rest of the field and picking performers for insane reasons.


Two Top 34 girls didn’t get a second of airtime. Tiffanne LeMay, who I’m rooting against solely because her name is spelled in the most infuriating way possible, and Ariel Sprague, who has been this far twice before and did a group night with former DRI favorite David Leathers. I can’t see these two making the Top 34, not getting mentioned and not one of them making it.

THE PICK: Ariel Sprague, just because googling her gave me the chance to see a David Leathers performance on YouTube.


By my count there are nine performers who were shown in an original audition or given some airtime somewhere else along the way, but never again – Ameet Kanon, Collette Lush, Jessica Clark, Kelsie Watts, Lindita, Mary Williams, Mionne Destiny, Shevonne Philidor and Terrian Bass. One of these gets through and I think there’s a shot at two, but because it would screw up my numbers I’m sticking with one.

THE PICK: Mionne Destiny, because otherwise it’s a perfectly good waste of a name.


There are three girls I like to get in but for one reason or another I think one of them is leaving savagely crying as they walk down the carpet. The three are Jenna Renae, Jessica Cabral and Jordyn Simone. If I’m picking, all three are in. Since I’m not picking, I think two make the cut.

THE PICKS: Jenna Renae, because she might end up being the female Nick Fradiani (minus the schmedium Ts) and Jordyn Simone, because when they showed her in the room I was wondering who the 28-year old black girl was and oops, it was Jordyn, who I’ve already anointed as this season’s Melinda Doolittle. Can’t go back on that.


So I’ve got seven girls I have o idea what to do with and with how my list is breaking down, I’m thinking one is in the field. I’d say two are in, but that would be Ariel Sprague and Tiffanne Lemay are both gone and I don’t see the point in advancing two people we haven’t seen yet. So the seven soloists – because all they really do is sing – are Kassy Levels, Sonika Vaid, Stephany Negrete, Malie Delgado, Anatalia Villarandi, Avalon Young and Gianna Isabella. Yeah, pick one from that list. Good luck.

THE PICK: Sonika Vaid because the last we saw Delgado’s voice was absentia, Negrete might be a full-blown vampire and if they add Gianna more than half the cast couldn’t talk when Idol debuted.


Four names left and the fact all four won’t be in is surprising. It’s Jeneve Mitchell, La’Porsha Renae, Laurel Wright and Tristan McIntosh. First one I’m cutting is Laurel Wright, but I’ll say this – if there’s going to be a country girl that knocks one of the big names out, it’s her. Don’t sleep on Laurel even if she forgot her words during Group.

One out, one in. I’m going to add La’Porsha because she’s awesome and seeing her get eliminated and totally breaking down is not something I’m mentally prepared for tonight.

So that leaves one spot for Jeneve and Tristan, two young kids with enough talent they could go win amateur hour over at The Voice, but they both can’t win this stupid show because it’s ending this year and clearly I’m getting frustrated right now. I’m taking Jeneve because her performances have gotten really damn good as the contests has advanced and the idea of her with a professional stylist is a scary thought.

THE PICKS: La’Porsha Renae, Jeneve Mitchell

To review, my Top 12 that I do not feel great about: Emily Brooke, Jenn Blosil, Olivia Rox, Shelbie Z, Amelia Eisenhauer, Ariel Sprague, Mionne Destiny, Jenna Renae, Jordyn Simone, Sonika Vaid, Jeneve Mitchell, La’Porsha Renae.