With American Idol changing the rules again (shocker), here’s who should be safe on Idol tonight

These four should be good tonight.

These four should be good tonight.

American Idol is making up rules on the fly.

I know. I’m as shocked as you are.

It’s not the first time this has happened and based on what producers now realize, it’s not going to be the last time this season because they can’t stop fucking up trying to send the show out with a bang.

The Top 24 semifinal round was an unmitigated disaster. There isn’t a mainstream, indie or underground Idol blog on the internet that said this Top 12 is the best Top 12 Idol could have produced. There isn’t a site that thinks taking the power away from the fans was good for the show and for the brand. Everyone says Idol fucked up and apparently all it took was the entire world expressing discontent for Idol to say “we fucked up.”

But instead of coming out and actually saying that, Idol producers decided to screw with the rules. It’s similar to Season 13 when America was determined to vote Sam Woolf off the show and Idol couldn’t stop saving him. It got to the point where Seacrest told the remaining contestants if they all unanimously agreed, no one would go home but they had to decide by the time they came back from commercial. It was clear Idol was trying to save Woolf and as soon as they asked Alex Preston what his choice was, he said no and the farce was over.

So after picking the worst Top 12/14/whatever since Season 12, Idol was supposed to have the judges/producers pick the Top 8 and the remaining six would sing for the final two spots. Seeing the internet and fans get pissed about the disaster that is the Top 14, Idol changed it up. Tonight four finalists will be announced with the remaining 10 singing for six spots to be voted on by fans.

It should change everything but it might not change much. Idol could leave the elite contestants it likes – Dalton Rapattoni, MacKenzie Bourg, Avalon Young, Olivia Rox – to sing for their spots knowing full well America will vote them in, allowing the show to continue to push the likes of Lee Jean and the singing teens on America. Or they could do the right thing and put the four best through and have the rest sing. We’ll have to wait to see which way they go tonight.

Hopefully Idol does the right thing and puts the four best in and lets America decide. As much as I personally want to see some of these singers move on – I’m a huge Jeneve Mitchell/Trent Harmon/La’Porsha Renae guy – I’d like to know they get in because fans decided, not some Idol producer who’s already done a terrific job of systematically ruining what could have been the most competitive season in years.

So who’s earning automatic bids to the final? There’s no rhyme or reason to Idol’s madness at this point, but these four don’t look bad.


1) Dalton Rapattoni

WHY YES: Because Idol producers persuaded him to audition and aren’t going to chance their Golden Boy gets eliminated out of America’s spite. As much as you can hate how much American Idol has done to ensure his success, you can’t sit there and say he doesn’t deserve it. Dalton’s the most original contestant since Cook. (I’d say since Lambert but Dalton doesn’t have the pipes)
WHY NO: It would be appalling if he didn’t get an automatic bid, but if he didn’t it’s simply because of the producers’ greed. They know he’ll be voted in and want to get one of their marketable kids through and they know if Dalton sings, he’ll bring eyes to the screen.

2) MacKenzie Bourg

WHY YES: Idol producers are banking if Dalton can’t win MacKenzie will. He’s just as marketable and not nearly as scary to Middle America moms. Plus, there is some danger in sending him to a sing-off because if anyone is going to split votes, it’ll be MacKenzie and Tommy Stringfellow. Not worth the risk for the show.
WHY NO: Maybe Idol doesn’t want Dalton to face stiff competition and are willing to risk it? Or maybe Idol wants to see if he really can carry the vote.

3) Avalon Young

WHY YES: Avalon’s shown some attitude, whether it be on stage or on her nightly Periscope chats that should be sponsored by Adderall. She’s the female version of David Cook; she doesn’t have the best voice and she’s not the best musician, but she packages it together and has that “it” factor. If she continues to show an ability to rearrange popular songs, Avalon and her Cosby-sweater wearing, pro-sweatpants act might end up performing in the finale.
WHY NO: Might just be another case of Idol wanting to see if her social media brilliance will bring eyes to the screen and get her votes. There’s no one else like her in the contest and he abilities are damn near MK Nobilette (PS first person to make that reference? This guy, seconds after she auditioned), but MK wasn’t exactly huge with the voting public.

4) Olivia Rox

WHY YES: She’s got a little more pop princess in her than Avalon but she also proved she’s among the elite girls when it comes to pure vocals. She’s too perfect to let get caught in a sing-off with other teens because that vote could go sour on her quick. With her talents, let her through and let her carry the show.
WHY NO: She’s one of four teen girls left and after the reaction from the semifinals, Idol might be ready to cut bait and let them sing for their supper. There’s also a chance Idol puts through a third guy – maybe a Trent Harmon, who doesn’t seem to have a steady genre that people can get behind, or Lee Jean, a fan favorite for anyone under the age of 21, which is only like 10 percent of Idols audience.