American Idol Instant Recap: Avalon Young, “Pretty Young Thing”

How I felt when I saw the song choice

How I felt when I saw the song choice

Me and Avalon have gone on quite a roller coaster ride. I didn’t like her, then I did, then I didn’t, then I loved her and now this.

Really wanted her to advance instead of Dalton because last week’s Weeknd cover was amazing and I was hoping to see more of that.

Instead we got a pretty generic cover of a Michael Jackson song and if you take on the King of Pop, you need to not sing it the same exact way. Avalon’s vocals are good but on stage she looked like she was forcing the whole thing. If she was a Top 3 lock and just needed to be safe, it would have been fine.

This is where Idols have to think of strategy. She had to know she was going to be Bottom 3 again and needed to plan for it. You have to sing something big there. Knock out a ballad; do a crazy cover; be loud, running and jumping all over the stage. Don’t do what you’ve done all year because what you’ve done all year put you in a tough position.

I hope she gets through, but I don’t think it’s happening unless Sonika falls apart. It’s really a win-win for fans because if Avalon gets through, great; if she doesn’t, she might tweak out on Periscope and start mouthing off about how she got screwed.

Oh, and how about the guts on Avalon not singing one song originally performed by a woman all season.