American Idol Instant Recap: Lee Jean, “Let It Be”

The judges to Lee

The judges to Lee

You need to know your Idol history when you pick songs because if you’re a 15-year old dude and you sing the Beatles, people are going to try and compare you to something and for Lee Jean that means being compared to David Archuleta, who was an absolute monster of a talent.

Along the lines of Avalon, Lee had to take more of a risk and not sing another song sung by a white dude for the millionth time. Plenty of stuff out there to choose from – I mean, there’s only been like a million songs on Idol – but with the talent he possesses now, going big might not have been an option because Lee doesn’t have the powerhouse voice to carry him.

Would have loved to seen Lee taken an Adam Lambert rout and sat down on a stool and done something acoustic. Anything. Something nobody would have seen coming. Maybe something by Bill Withers, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder. Instead, Beatles.

Nice of the judges to break it down for him and tell him he’s going home without saying he’s going home. Lee’s not winning Idol, but he did better than Michael Leathers ever did and that’s a huge upset in itself.