American Idol Instant Recap: Trent Harmon, “Stand By Me”

Trent's performance like

Trent’s performance like

Trying something new here. Recaps immediately after the performance.

Clean cut Trent is straight killing it. Whoever told him to clean up the country shit and play up the looks is a genius – love that he called it Trent 2.0 after the performance. It’s right. J-Lo’s an idiot if she thinks he should go back to the awful hats and Euro scarves.

Trent’s the No. 2 vocalist on the show and it’s not close. This performance wasn’t anything that’s cracking a “Best Performance In Idol History” list and it won’t be the best of the night – unless Will Smith comes out with that thing from Men In Black to make us forget La’Porsha’s performance – but it’ll be more than good enough to get him on.

His tone and sound is so good. The “whoa whoa whoa” or “waw waw waw” part was a little weird, but that’s just Trent being Trent. Goofy white guy stuff for days.

I didn’t understand the “bad-ass” comments from the judges. He’s not a bad-ass. He’s a good-looking, wimpy white dude who can sing. Let’s not try and turn him into something he’s not and let him soft rock himself to the Final 2.