American Idol Instant Recap: Tristan McIntosh, “A Broken Wing”

After Tristan sang, you had to be like this.

After Tristan sang, you had to be like this.

Where in the hell did this Tristan McIntosh come from?

All things being fair, Tristan should have been booted from Idol after her lackluster performance in the Top 10. Then she just buries back-to-back performances that show why she earned her way onto the show.

Didn’t think this song really fit the theme for the week, but it was sung by champ Jordin Sparks and if I was running Tristan’s camp, that’s the Idol I would have wanted emulate tonight. I still think Tristan’s holding back a little and I can’t tell if it’s out of necessity – she might not be able to get the notes someone like La’Porsha can – or if it’s because she’s 16 and she’s still kinda terrified of being on stage.

All in all, good performance from the kid. Will it save her next week? If they’re banging out doubles, it’s a tough sell. We’ll see though.