American Idol Instant Recap: Dalton Rapattoni, “Numb”

That performance?

That performance?

Let’s be honest – nobody thought that was going to be remotely listenable, especially when you saw the song, the band and based on Dalton’s recent performances, who was singing it.

I didn’t hate it. Will I spend 99 cents to buy it on iTunes? NOPE. But it was better than Linkin Park’s version, although not nearly as good as the Jay-Z/Linkin Park remix which would have been amazing had Dalton been able to somehow incorporate the Jigga Man into his version.

The arrangement was sloppy, but since this isn’t about being a dope producers, I’ll give Dalton a pass. He got a little theatrical – as he tends to do – but he did a pretty solid job singing. I think. I don’t know. As I finished this La’Porsha started and everyone compared to her sounds, well, you know.