American Idol Instant Recap: Dalton Rapattoni, “Sound of Silence”


Just another good performance from Dalton on a night where he desperately needed them.

My problem is was it too much performance?

He sang and definitely took a couple steps away from being White Qaasim, but there’s still a little too much theatrics and not enough vocals for me to say “this guy should win Idol.” La’Porsha has left him in the dust and MacKenzie has passed him by with Trent Harmon riding shotgun with a wave and a smile.

Dalton got better, but it might not be enough. Will his popularity override his performances? We’ll see.

Oh, and now’s when I’m going to complain that Dalton would have been the perfect contestant to sing The Pixies “Where Is My Mind,” a song that should be sung on this show at least once. Give it a listen.