American Idol Instant Recap: MacKenzie Bourg, “Billie Jean”

Bold call for this guy to cover Michael Jackson.

Bold call for this guy to cover Michael Jackson.

MacKenzie delivered again.

You can’t take on legends’ songs and it might be harder to sing an American Idol legends’ song and as far as anyone who’s ever watched the show is concerned, “Billie Jean” belongs to David Cook.

My concern when the song popped up and the smokey stage followed was MacKenzie was going to take on Cook; he didn’t. Somehow – and this isn’t going to make an ounce of sense – he stripped down a David Cook version of a Michael Jackson song and turned it into a MacKenzie Bourg song.

I don’t know if the producers are slowly starting to realize MacKenzie has become the non-La’Porsha fan favorite, but they judges’ comments are sure as hell making it seem like it. MacKenzie is stealing votes from their golden boy and I think producers are getting ready to ditch Dalton and jump on the MacKenzie wagon all the way to the final. If MacKenzie keeps performing like this, he’s a lock.