American Idol Instant Recap: Sonika Vaid, “Let It Go”

What movie is this? Never heard of it ...

What movie is this? Never heard of it …

One of the downsides to fatherhood is being forced to listen to princess movie soundtracks and as someone who has listened to Frozen more than probably any album I’ve ever personally owned, I can tell you how beautiful “Let It Go” is.

Except Sonika picked the terrible cover of it.

Sonika was fine. Her vocal was great, but the performance didn’t reach me the way it should have because the arrangement of the Demi Lovato version is pure garbage. It was done because Disney didn’t think the original would sell and whoops, it became the biggest selling album ever (that may or may not be true).

That song is brilliant because it is such a crucial part of the movie but that version strips it of any emotion. I could easily bang out 1,000 words on Frozen and that song and how I swear to god I’ve never teared up during it, but that would be boring.

Sonika did what she had to do and based on how the judges spoke to Tristan, that’s all she really needed. Really think she could have delivered an all-timer if she sat down and did the original version of it, but what do I know? I’m just an Idol expert who also happens to be an expert on Frozen.