American Idol Instant Recap: Sonika Vaid, “Clarity”

If you’re going to pick an up-tempo song with the emotional depth of my kid’s wading pool, you need to sit back and think about who are the majority of Idol voters. You know who they are?

People who have never heard of Clarity by whoever the hell it was.

If you’re going to sing a pop song and not strip it down to its soul, you need to pick something from the 80s or 90s that will take people back. The only person that songs reaches is teens kids in their early 20s and guess what? They don’t win you Idol.

Sonika’s vocals are great. I have no qualms with how she sang – although we did lose her to the horrific “music” at times – but the song? Is anyone ever going to look back and say “wow, I remember that time Sonika did Clarity. It was awesome?” Her family won’t even do that.

Call it a tactical error and based on what the rest of the Top 5 has done – and assuming La’Porsha isn’t going to literally fart her song instead of sing – it might be the reason she gets sent home next week.