American Idol Instant Recap: Trent Harmon, “Counting Stars”

Trent did not look this suave tonight.

Trent did not look this suave tonight.

Someone in America really hates Trent Harmon because that was rough.

Since American Idol is so great and explaining how the process works, I can’t imagine Trent picked that song as much as he was assigned it. If you want to move on you need to connect with the audience and that song doesn’t connect with anyone except kids hopped up on addies at a middle school dance.

Were there highlights? Well, in the whole package there were two: one being the two little girls from Trent’s hometown looking extra sour as they were being forced to do something they clearly didn’t want to; and two, Trent’s perpetual StinkFace (copyright James XIII) throughout the performance.

I’m hoping the producers didn’t force that on him because if they did, it means they want him gone from the show. He’s too good so sing something like that and following Lambert, I don’t if many people are going to remember he was there at all.