American Idol Instant Recap: Trent Harmon, “Simple Man”

The Hat Was Back!

The Hat Was Back!

So you want to punch people in the heart with a performance?

Trent just did.

I can’t think of a better song selection for the show’s resident southern boy – or at leas the one who you can definitely tell is from the South – because it was so fitting for him. He dressed the part, sounded the part and while he #StankFaced all over the stage, you could feel the words meant something to him.

Now I don’t know how I felt about the judges’ bawling – especially with J-Lo’s blue tears – but Trent stood strong. Of the dudes, he’s the only one who can really hit an emotional chord with fans because he’s the only one who has to vocals to do it. Trent knows what he has to do to move on and he knows if he’s going to have a prayer at beating La’Porsha, he needs to have big, emotional performances.

And tonight, Trent just threw down the hammer to prove he ain’t goin’ anywhere.