American Idol Instant Recap: Tristan McIntosh, “Independence Day”

That performance tho

That performance tho

All she needed was a little fire under her ass to make her start singing. Who knew?

Other than La’Porsha, Tristan’s probably been the best performer since the Top 10. The last three weeks she’s come out and left it all on stage. She’s not singing like a 15-year old anymore and she’s got this perfect little country-pop-R&B look thing going that works so well. So why is she bottom two?

Well, I think people are still furious she got in and still furious that she didn’t get booted after the Top 10. However, she’s been on fire and you have to take that to heart. She was great tonight – even though the judges did everything possible to explain why they’re about to boot her out – and really became the fiercest competitor on the show.

PS Based on the judges’ comments, she was the pre-show pick to go home. No doubt.