American Idol Instant Recap: MacKenzie Bourg “I Want You To Want Me”

Bold call for this guy to cover Michael Jackson.

Bold call for this guy to cover Michael Jackson.

Did MacKenzie make up any ground on La'Porsha after that first performance?

Did MacKenzie make up any ground on La’Porsha after that first performance?

Fuck the judges. Mackenzie was good tonight.

The dirty secret of “I Want You To Want Me” is it’s a horrible pop song that’s played by a coked-up 70s rock band that people loved so it get way more credit than it deserved. It’s no different than any song by Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block or Hanson.

I liked what MacKenzie did with it mainly because last year I was all in on this cover by Gary Jules I heard one night while my wife was diving into CBS’s show ‘Stalker,’ which ended every ep with a totally rearranged 80s cover that was always awesome.

It was different. I think MacKenzie could have slowed it down even more and it would have been fine. His vocal was great and it’s clear MacKenzie gets it.

The judges were overly critical for two reason: 1) they really, really, really want Dalton in the finale; and 2) Idol judges have a history of ripping re-arranged songs to shreds when Idols do a cover of a cover. No one’s gonna sit there and tell me MacKenzie had never heard the Gary Jules’ cover; that was the inspiration and, for the most part, the arrangement. So with Keith Urban going all in shitting on MacKenzie’s version, he’s shitting on Gary Jules’ arrangement. This has happened on more than one occasion in Idol history – there’s also the Idol getting overt praise for a cover when it’s really just them covering a cover – and on elimination night the judge who crapped on the arrangement would apologize and say something about not meaning to disrespect FAMOUS ARTIST A and make some insane explanation how the arrangements were different even though they weren’t. Urban’s not going to get the chance but I’d bet money he apologizes before the show is over.

Anyway, I liked the performance by MacKenzie and if you didn’t, well, that’s on you.