American Idol Instant Recap: Dalton Rapattoni, “God Only Knows”

Pic of Dalton at the start of his first song Thursday

Pic of Dalton at the start of his first song Thursday

If Dalton ends up winning Idol, that performance is going to be why. It was legendary.

I’m not talking the vocals. The vocals were barely “get out of Hollywood” good. The arrangement was terrific. But the performance as a whole? Hand the man an Emmy for acting, because he just showed everyone how you play Idol.

You feign emotion and let it work.

Those tears at the beginning of “God Only Knows” – which was his ‘backup’ song, allegedly, after he tried to play a song that’s far from “classic rock” during a classic rock theme – were how you get votes. You know who fell for them? Everyone. Hipsters, emos, chicks, gays, moms, grandmas and everyone else who usually cries during Disney movies.

You know who didn’t? Dudes like me who can see through bullshit.

It was desperation time for Dalton. He needed a big-time, emotional performance and lacking the necessary tools – a voice like La’Porsha’s or Trent’s or the soft-spokenness of MacKenzie – he needed to pull something out of the air and the tears were perfect. The arrangement of a truly sickly sweet bubblegum pop love song was perfect to start pretending it means so much to you. If it really meant so much, don’t you think it would have been more than a backup song?

Dalton needs votes or he’s gone. That performance worked on a lot of people.

Just don’t count me as one of them.