American Idol Instant Recap: La’Porsha Renae, “Elastic Heart”

Biggest disappointment for me was no fro.

Biggest disappointment for me tonight was no fro.

At this point I want to hear La’Porsha sing the phone book because it might give others a chance.

Did I know the Sia song she sang? Nope. Not a word. Never heard it. If my 4-year old don’t know it, I don’t either. Still, just another solid vocal. She’s performing on such a high level I don’t know what she would have to do to sound bad.

All told, I don’t think this was La’Porsha’s best night – last week won’t be touched – but it didn’t have to be. She’s in the drivers’ seat for the finale. This was the perfect week to have a safe week. You don’t win Idol in the final four. Does La’Porsha know that? Maybe.

Next week? Different story. Next week is when Idol gets won. Whoever wins Top 3 wins the show. Go back, look at the performances and most of the winners ran away with the Final 3 performance before taking the crown.

My expectations for La’Porsha are so unreasonably high, tonight was a little bit of a let-down. I’m OK with it because of where she’s at and how important next week is.

Because I have a feeling next week is when we’re gonna see La’Porsha enter the Idol lexicon with something that people will never forget.