American Idol Instant Recap: La’Porsha Renae, “Dead or Alive”

Needed La'Porsha looking just like BJV did in 89 for that performance tonight.

Needed La’Porsha looking just like BJV did in 89 for that performance tonight.

She’s set the bar too high.

There’s no denying La’Porsha’s vocals were impeccable. Hell, they were downright perfect. The song choice was awesome because it’s only fortifying her with the old cougar women – those broads love Bon Jovi regardless of who’s singing it.

La’Porsha’s in a great spot where even if the rest of the Idols deliver mind-blowing performances, it ain’t gonna matter. She was safe unless she got up on stage and started flinging F-bombs in an impromptu cover of the Ying Yang twins.

While Scott Borchetta disagreed with the song choice, I didn’t but I get why; that arrangement wasn’t what it could have been. If she sat down on a stool with Ricky Minor playing a double acoustic guitar and did it unplugged (fun fact: this Bon Jovi performance is the inspiration for the MTV:Unplugged series) her vocals would have fucking popped. It would have had that emotion and power and everything else that you need to have a legendary Idol performance.

Instead, we got a good showing.

But with La’Porsha, I always want a little more.