American Idol Instant Recap: Trent Harmon, “Sharp Dressed Man”

Clean-cut Trent continues to kill it.

Clean-cut Trent continues to kill it.

Apparently this is a theme for the night, because this was another performance that could have legendary and just ended as a pretty good one.

The bluesy start for Trent was amazing. Great vocals, great arrangement. We’ve never gotten a great big band/blues arrangement since when? Clarkson in Season 1? If he stuck with the slow, bluesy tone, dripping sex all over the stage, he’s the No. 2 contender and all of a sudden is breathing down La’Porsha’s neck while I’m figuring out who’s getting cut from my All-Time Top 30 list.

And then he went back to the song.

The vocal was awesome, but it gets lost in the performance because it’s a rock song with an awesome beat and no one cares what you’re singing. It’s rap for white people. If he sticks with the blues, you get everything in one performance and if he would have stayed with the slowed-down, trampy blues version, I’m telling you he might have ended up winning the whole damn thing.

I don’t think Trent has to worry about moving down. He might have caught MacKenzie – we still have one more performance to really know – but this was a chance to make himself a winner. Instead, there’s still work to do.