American Idol Instant Recap: Dalton Rapattoni, “Dancing in the Dark”

Kid is bringing it

Kid is bringing it

I’m not going to say Dalton is going to win Idol, but I don’t think he’s as out of it as everyone thinks.

For one, he’s shown this innate ability to perform his ass off with his back to the wall. I think Dalton is very conscience of where he stands among the Top 3 and worries like a MFer, but every time he needs to perform – at least the last two weeks – he gets the job done.

Dancing in the Dark was a horrible song selection (WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE PICKED THE PIXIES SCOTT BORCHETTA?!? WHY WHY WHY!?!) but he did a great job with the performance. The vocal was typical Dalton – not great, but good enough that you’re not sitting at home wondering why the hell the kid made the Top 3. The arrangement was awesome; it had this electric 80s synth thing going and doing that to a song already from the 80s and making it sound current says a lot about where his head it as.

I think this performance is a huge help because there is a large block of fans that need someone to vote for and it’s really easy for the teens in love with MacKenzie to get on Team Dalton. Not gonna say he’s a lock for the final, but Trent better work or he’s in trouble.