American Idol Instant Recap: La’Porsha Renae, “Glory”

I'm still #TeamFro

I’m still #TeamFro

Not really much to say. I don’t know how great La’Porsha has to perform before we all get she’s different than any Idol we’ve seen in a decade.

If America manages to not screw this up, La’Porsha is going to be more than the last American Idol winner. She’s going to be more than just a name.

She’s going to be a legend. The talent is a no-brainer. But there’s something about her story and her soul that makes me feel like she’s a game-changer. She’s going to be the type of performer that changes lives.

I’ve never gotten this deep about a performer, but there’s just something about La’Porsha that works. Maybe I’m getting older. Maybe it’s just La’Porsha singing inspirational songs that make me want to make me be a better person. Whatever it is, she got it.

And she’s winning.