American Idol Instant Recap: La’Porsha Renae, “Stay With Me”

Reserved for La'Porsha the rest of the season.

Reserved for La’Porsha the rest of the season.

Hey look, it’s another song I don’t know and La’Porsha made me want to listen to it every single minute for the rest of my life.

Literally the worst song topic for a woman of her beliefs and what she’s been through, La’Porsha put that aside and made everyone get lost in that performance. Did she miss a note? Has she ever? I don’t think she did anything to prove my theory that she’s going to be the biggest star in American Idol history wrong. At this point, she might be what, a Top 4 Idol winner ever?

Scary thought – she hasn’t had that ONE big song yet. That ONE song with that ONE note where everyone gets goosies/cries/passes out from it. She just nails every part of every song and it’s glorious.

I’m still running out of words to say I’m running out of words with this woman. Can’t wait to see how she tops that one.