American Idol Instant Recap: Trent Harmon, “Waiting Game”

Trent killed his vocals, but he might be in trouble

Trent killed his vocals, but he might be in trouble

This is why I don’t like when the contestants aren’t choosing songs. Trent might not make the finale and it has nothing to do with the vocal beatdown he put on Dalton tonight.

Putting those two in a vocal battle is like me when I play card games with my 4-year old. No contest. Trent’s voice was ON FUCKING POINT but good god could he have actually sang two worse songs?

At this point you need to have a moment and that moment comes with a BIG song. Lesser known JT and some hipster artist Harry has a boner for ain’t getting it done. He needed to do Van Morrison. If Trent sings “Into the Mystic” there he shuts down Idol at the CBS Stage with the absolute perfect song, he sings a song voters know and he actually creates some drama heading to a final.

Now? Well, I don’t know if he’s going to make the top 2. He deserves it, but with Dalton picking up a ton of votes – if you think MacKenzie’s voters aren’t voting for Dalton, you don’t remember last year when Owen’s R&B fans and lovely older ladies propelled Clark past Jax – he’s far from a lock.