American Idol Instant Recap: Trent Harmon, “Drink You Away”

Trent sang Timberlake, continued to bring sexy back.

Trent sang Timberlake, continued to bring sexy back.

I have so many issues with what went on with Trent’s performance tonight.

For one, Scott Borchetta saying “for the first time ever” made me want to quit being a HUGE FAN OF SCOTT BORCHETTA. First-time ever is redundant. It’s first.

Second, if you’re going to have the rights to a Timberlake song and you really want this dude to win the show, you don’t pick the new stuff. Nobody over the age of 30 wants that Timberlake. We want the hits – the kinda stuff they play on radio stations with the stupid DJs in the morning who talk about nothing and make awful jokes.

Suit & Tie would have been better. Cry Me a River would have KILLED. A rockabilly version of SexyBack would have brought the G D house down.

Instead, we got that. Not a great song.

Trent killed it because Trent can sang. But with Dalton picking up MacKenzie’s voters, I don’t know if he’s going to get the boost he needs to get to the final. That sucks, because it had nothing to do with his actual talent.

He just happened to be the guy the show might not have wanted to move on.