Your American Idol Top 3 is named (SPOILERS)

Your final three Idols. Did they get it right?

Your final three Idols. Did they get it right?

Can’t be too surprised by who made the American Idol final three.

Like I said last week, Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae were slam dunks. No brainers. The final spot was going to come down to whichever tween star’s fan base got the most votes in and Dalton got his name called while MacKenzie got sent packing.

Idol screwed the moment up. It was sweet of MacKenzie to stand there and say “you don’t have to read it” and give the spot to La’Porsha before Seacrest could get the announcement started because it wasn’t an act. I thought there was an outside shot everyone would try and save Dalton and MacKenzie they’d forget to throw a couple votes to the stars of the show, but the way La’Porsha was edited in the hometown story there wasn’t a chance they’re letting her go.

What Idol should have done was name Trent first, then La’Porsha, then had the viewing audience sweat out which one of the young hunks was getting through.

Sad to see MacKenzie go, but the votes are the votes.