American Idol Instant Recap: Dalton Rapattoni, “Strike A Match”

murder eyes

murder eyes

That’s a tough vocal to judge because it was tough to tell if Dalton didn’t sound well because he didn’t sing it well or Dalton didn’t sound well because the band drowned him out.

His song sounded like the typical crap I don’t like and then three months later I’m like “THIS IS BETTER THAN ANY OF THAT CRAP THE BEATLES DID!!!” As far as quality songs, Dalton’s was superior to Trent’s, but the vocals, well, they needed work.

Clearly it doesn’t hurt his chances to make the Top 2, but if he gets in – and I have a sneaky suspicion he will – I can’t see that helping him out. Fortunately, the first performance can be forgotten by finishing strong. Can Dalton do that? Well, he hasn’t knocked one out of the park in like six weeks, but he’s gotta have something up that sleeve.

PS I feel like a song called “Strike a Match” needs to be a badass rock song, not some bullshit whiny emo/techno/EDM stuff. Have some balls one time please. One time.