American Idol Instant Recap: Trent Harmon, “Chandelier”

Trent needs to copyright #StankFace

Trent needs to copyright #StankFace

So let’s just get this out of the way: the vocal was incredible. The song was incredible. It was a great performance. BUT …

It was really meaningless as far as what it meant for the competition.

Trent really gets hurt by the format here, because if you’re the underdog you need to have those big, emotional moments. You need to hit the two songs picked for you and sing the single just as good.

Chandelier won’t strike a nerve or sway voters because they’ve heard it. If you’re a rational person and are voting based on performance but were leaning toward La’Porsha, if you heard Chandelier for the first time it might sway you. But you heard it like three weeks ago, so it’s not the same. This is something Trent couldn’t do anything about, but that performance didn’t help his cause. It really could only hurt him.

Again, this is the format screwing him, not Trent lacking in performance. He couldn’t do anything about the song picked for him, so he went out there and did what he could. But if anyone can honestly say that song made them cry, they’re full of it. Maybe the first time, but you don’t cry when you know what’s coming. Unless it’s Rudy. Or Field of Dreams. But definitely not for Chandelier.