American Idol Instant Recap: Trent Harmon, “Falling”

Trent wasn't wearing his Western garb tonight.

Trent wasn’t wearing his Western garb tonight.

I swear to god every time Trent opens a song I always wonder WTF is this singing on stage and it’s always Trent, killing it on stage.

As always, Trent crushes the vocal but that song? I mean, that’s not something my kids are gonna listen to and get me to sing in my head all damn day (if you say it’s because of the content, WRONG; right now I listen to Flo Rida’s “My House” 10 times a day and I don’t give AF because all the kids know is the beat is dope and the chorus is easy to learn). There was too much music in there to be a modern hit. It needs more bass, more tempo and a good dose of PitBull, who is a pile of garbage but puts out BANGERS.

I’m glad he got to sing this first and they weren’t judging. Having the final two sing an original as their final performance isn’t a fair fight. Last year Nick Fradiani’s song was so much better than Clark Beckham’s and it was clear Clark had no shot after that. Whoever gets the banger wins, so getting this “future single” out of the way now is a terrific idea.

Hopefully Trent will be around to sing some more tonight to make up for that.