ABC wants Kelly Clarkson to be a judge for new American Idol and if things keep going this way the show is gonna be fine

TMZ – Kelly Clarkson is shaping up to be ABC’s first choice for judge on “American Idol” — she’s already clearing her schedule to start filming for auditions … TMZ has learned. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … ABC has expressed “serious interest” in Clarkson, who won Season 1 of the OG show. On Kelly’s side, we’re told she’s not only interested, but people on her team are already looking to clear her schedule during the time the show will be filmed.

American Idol’s return is barely a day old and already it’s going better than the last season of the show, which was a disgrace except when Kelly Clarkson came on the show as a guest judge and did a performance that was the best of the season.

Her appearance on the show wasn’t a token appearance for a new single. She was a billion months pregnant and could have done a satellite shot from her living room with her feet up and sold the song. Instead, she stood up and SANG. She managed to add some constructive criticism without going full Cowell but avoided the J-Lo “everyone is awesome” critiques.

If Clarkson is a judge, that probably means J-Lo won’t be back which is AWESOME news. If Kelly can bring some of the old-guard Simon Cowell mentality, the show might stand a chance. The producers don’t realize people who watch want to hear judges speak from the heart and be confrontational when it calls for it. Clarkson can do this. Don’t forget – she’s got the No. 8 AND No. 2 all time best performance in American Idol history.

Also, if she’s gonna be on TV every week in a year she’s probably going to go on some insane physical workout thing to bring back peak Kelly and if she looks anywhere near this I’ll be OK with it.