Ryan Seacrest is definitely going to be hosting the new season of American Idol on ABC and it’s probably going to be Sunday nights

So apparently Ryan Seacrest is the new host of Kelly & Ryan, which will always be Regis & Kathy Lee to me because, despite my stature as the #DadLife king, I don’t watch daytime talk, and during an inane discussion about the Grammys coming to New York, he let something slip. I’ll let you watch (video via @idolxfactor1 on Twitter:

So if you didn’t have the patience to watch an adless 26-second video, what’s wrong with you, but here’s what they said:
Ryan: “I read the Grammys are moving to New York.”
Kelly: “Are you my hookup with Grammy tickets? You are right?”
Ryan: “I can get you on the red carpet”
Kelly: “OK, I got it.”
Ryan: “I was so excited because as part of taking this show I go back to do all the red carpets in Hollywood and one red carpet is coming to New York and if they would just move American Idol it would be so much easier.”

I don’t think Seacrest is taking a PJ from NY to LA just to watch the show or serve as an EP, so let’s just count this as confirmation that he’ll be hosting and the show will take place on Sundays, as has been rumored on the internets.

I’m not a huge Kelly & Ryan watcher but I’m guessing he’s on five days a week? This leads me to believe the format is going to be similar to Season 15 where everyone preps for the show and then someone doesn’t get to perform and you know what? I don’t hate it. I don’t love it, but it’s not a bad format. Idol fans used to bitch and complain about it because they said whoever was the last to survive was too nervous to perform at their best, but you know what? That’s competition. If you can’t take the pressure, GTFO the show.

If they’re just gonna film Sundays, I’d love the eliminations to be immediate. Kick someone off in the first five minutes, then let’s get to the live performances.

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