Which guys make the Top 24 in American Idol? (NO SPOILERS)


Literally the only guy I’d bet my life on that he’s making the Top 24

Trying to guess the Top 25 when you’ve only seen a portion of the performances is not the easiest thing in the world. It’s even harder when American Idol releases a video of the Top 50 in the morning and you’ve got a day of #DadLife ahead of you, giving yourself about an hour to write two blogs figuring out who’s going to make the cut before it’s time to put the kids in the tub and get them to bed so you can watch the damn show.

There are no spoilers here. I know the list is out on various internet pages, but I don’t believe in spoilers. I believe in trying to use my knowledge of the show and the performances we have seen to figure out who’s making the cut and who isn’t.

First step – break down the guys by categories. There’s five, although you can make sub-sections with WGWG and BGWG, but it’s to the point where guitar guys are guitar guys regardless, but country guys get their own designation. That leaves the unknowns – people we haven’t really seen – musicians – guys who aren’t WGWG but are a little more than just vocalists – and the vocalists, who we’ve seen act primarily as singers.

Five categories, 12 spots, let’s do this.


Cody Martin, Justin B. Ray, Taylor John Williamson, Stephen Quinn, Storyteller
This is the toughest category because there’s four guys we haven’t seen and one dude who was on for like 10 seconds singing happy birthday to Katy Perry. This is like my own personal hell because I can see myself rooting for any of these dudes had they been given any screen time. There’s vocalist Cody, big boy vocalist Justin B. Ray who might be the big soul guy I need in my life, Taylor John Williamson your stereotypical WGWG, Stephen Quinn the pretty pop dude and Storyteller the guy who I don’t really care because he calls himself fucking Storyteller. If you think I’m not rooting for Storyteller than you’re nuts.
THE PICK: Cody Martin. Going with my gut. They showed him singing Happy Birthday for a reason.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Laine Hardy, Trevor McBane
We’ve seen all three of these guys featured pretty prominently and this comes down to numbers, which makes me sad for Trevor McBane because Laine Hardy is going to win American Idol, Caleb Lee Hutchinson is gonna be a Top 5 and if I’m only taking two from this category that means Trevor gets cut. This sucks. Remind me not to bitch about the judges again.
THE PICKS: Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Laine Hardy.

Brandon Diaz, Cade Foehner, Dennis Lorenzo, Garrett Jacobs, Ricky Manning, Ron Bultongez, Trevor Holmes
Dennis is an easy pick, the lock of all locks. I don’t think Rock God Foehner is that far behind him either. So that leaves two spots. We haven’t seen Brandon Diaz or Ricky Manning since auditions, so they’ll be casual cuts; Garrett Jacobs’ voice was shot during solos, so he’s gone. Trevor’s been pretty good and they seem to want to keep pushing the Katy loves Trevor thing, so let’s put him through. That leaves Ron and I hate putting him through only because it’s a stone-cold jinx and I have a real bad feeling he’s getting his heart ripped from his chest while I cry on my living room floor.
THE PICKS: Cade Foehner, Dennis Lorenzo, Ron Bultongenz, Trevor Holmes

MUSICIANS – 1 spot
Noah Davis, Samothias
In a perfect world I’m putting my adopted son Noah in along with the racially ambiguous Samothias, aka Danny Giraud aka Matt Gokey. Noah might get in if they only take three of the vocalists, but I’m gonna guess Samothias gets a nod over him here, which pains me to write. #NoahForIdol2019
THE PICK: Samothias

VOCALISTS – 4 spots
Dominique, Jonny Brenns, Les Greene, Marcio Donaldson, Michael J. Woodard, Milo Sposato, Thaddeus Johnson, William Casanova
This is a rough category because I think four could come out of here but if you told me only two did I wouldn’t blink an eye. Dominique has to be in because we haven’t seen him not be ridiculously good yet. After that shit with moving him room to room Thaddeus is in. Two spots left. He stinks out loud but I have this feeling Milo’s getting in and they’re gonna try to make him Qaasim Part II and ruin the whole fucking Idol experience this season. So that leaves Jonny Brenns, Marcio Donaldson, Michael J. Woodard, Les Greene and William Casanova. Johnny is gone, Michael J. Woodard gets a “you were awesome, use this experience to help you and keep working hard” speech but he gets cut. That leaves Marcio, Les and William and I’m going to take Marcio for one reason – he’s 28. This is it for him. That’s a story. Les and William are good, but they can come back. Idol will always take the guy who can’t when it’s a real tough choice. The only other option is break America’s heart and cut Marcio, then put Les or William in and I don’t know which makes better TV, but either way it’s gonna be dramatic AF.
THE PICKS: Dominique, Marcio Donaldson, Milo Sposato, Thaddeus Johnson.

Cody Martin
Caleb Lee Hutchinson
Laine Hardy
Cade Foehner
Dennis Lorenzo
Ron Bultongenz
Trevor Holmes
Marcio Donaldson
Milo Sposato
Thaddeus Johnson