Who will make the top 14 on american idol? Time will tell. (NO SPOILERS)


Catie Turner has been on screen more than any of the Top 24 American Idol contestants but honestly we could always use more Catie

Monday’s cut to 24 wasn’t perfect, but there’s never been a cut show in the history of American Idol that doesn’t piss someone off. You get attached to a contestant for a variety of reasons; for me, I want to hear someone I think will be able to do a variety of different songs and not just sing one boring-ass genre of music every time they get on stage.

This group is getting cut to 14 Sunday and there’s definitely 14 good names that you can make a solid group out of. Unfortunately, with Idol responsible for the cuts, the chances of that are fucking slim. I know the list of 14 can be found on various sites but I’m not going to look. The only thing I know is there are eight guys and six girls and I don’t know if that’s with Ada Vox counting as a guy or a girl or what. Doesn’t really matter how Ada identifies, just know that Idol and liberal Hollywood ain’t about to step on that grenade but it would be funny if Idol counted Ada as a guy so it was an even split for the Top 24 but now counts Ada as a girl to make it a clean 7-7.

So who’s it going to be?

Obviously the producers need to build storylines and characters to keep the fan base interested so when the shows go live people have someone to root for. They’re also supposed to show a modicum of fairness and that hasn’t happened for quite some time because when the ratings started to slip, the talent took the blame.

Was it the talent? Perhaps. You could also say the departure of Paula and Simon helped, not to mention the influx of talent shows watering down the product. At some point (after Phillip Phillips won) American Idol producers decided it needed to have more marketable talent instead of actual talent and threw in contestants who had absolutely no business being in the show or changed the rules completely to eliminate anyone who would win.

All that said, I wanted to see who the producers were favoring this year and by favoring I mean giving as much fucking screen time as humanly possible in order to build up interest in someone because they had an amazing backstory or looked like what a teen pop star should look like while showing inclusivity with an outgoing shy nerdy girl and a drag queen. Some of those folks deserve the time; others, well, do not.

I mean, is there any way to explain why Kay Kay, who’s in the Top 24, got 41 SECONDS of total airtime in the five audition phases (audition, Line of 10, Group, Solo, Showcase).

This process sucked, but I broke it down because I have time on my hands because we’re in the middle of infinite winter in the Northeast. When a contestant was on screen in a pre-package or performing, it counted; if it was a montage, it counted. I counted Group Night appearance as an appearance but with no time added because while I’m insane, I’m not that crazy.

So here’s the names, appearances, and times for each of the Idols. Make of it what you will.

TOP 14

1) Catie Turner, five appearances, 16:20; 2) Jonny Brenns, 4 appearances, 16:12; 3) Michael Woodard, 4 appearances, 13:06; 4) Dennis Lorenzo, 5 appearances 11:40; 5) Gabby Barrett, 4 appearances, 11:33; 6) Marcio Donaldson, 4 appearances, 11:29; 7) Layla Spring, 3 appearances, 11:20; 8) Ada Vox, 3 appearances, 10:33; 9) Garrett Jacobs, 3 appearances, 10:05; 10) Shannon O’Hara, 4 appearances, 9:41; 11) Ron Bultongenz, three appearances, 9:33; t-12) Mara Justine, 2 appearances, 8:55; t-12) Michelle Sussett, three appearances, 8:55; 14) Caleb Lee Hutchinson, four appearances, 8:33.


15) Effie Passero, three appearances, 8:29; 16) Jurnee, five appearances, 8:05; 17, Cade Foehner, three appearances, 8:00; 18) Amelia Hammer Harris, three appearances, 6:29; 19) Alyssa Raghu, four appearances, 6:17; 20) Maddie Poppe, four appearances, 6:09; 21) Trevor McBane, three appearances, 5:44; 22) Brandon Diaz, two appearances, 5:05; 23) Dominique, three appearances, 3:18; 24) Kay Kay, three appearances, :41.

Reading that you have to be scared for the show. The last Fox season of Idol was comically bad as they sent home like six contestants who were clearly superior for more marketable stars. If the Top 14 this season doesn’t include Effie, Amelia, Maddie, Cade and Dominique it’s a joke. You can make a strong argument for the others in the Bottom 10 of screen time and there’s seven people who’ve received the most screen time who have ZERO chance of winning (I’ll let you figure it out).

So will this list hold? It’d be a hell of a conspiracy. We’ll find out soon tho.