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Hollywood Week Moves on as Idol dramatically cuts down to the Top 50 and by dramatically I mean pretty obviously

American Idol let me down Sunday night. Real fucking bad. I was waiting for some drama. I love when Hollywood Week comes to a close and you start seeing who’s in Room 1,… Continue reading

Hollywood Week: The Final 24 is in and it’s amazing American Idol didn’t screw things up one bit

Congrats to American Idol for not screwing up the final Top 24. The 24 didn’t come without some criticism but that was expected; you’re not going to get this far in the competition… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: American Idol finds the final 51 as producers do something right and pigs take flight

That wasn’t boring. Dumping on American Idol producers is pretty easy to do when the product gets watered down with imaginary drama, mystery illnesses, forced confrontation and rules being made up on the… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: Group Night was filled with fights and drama. Just kidding, it was super tame but we saw a ton of good singers but I prefer the fights

Not gonna ramble on too much here. So much stuff to cover. Group Night was a minor disappointment on my end. I was really rooting for more fights, more drama and more people… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: American Idol continues to not makes sense, eliminates Melanie Tierce and I’m pretty sure no one involved in the show knows how the internet works

It doesn’t make sense. On American Idol, it never has. Hollywood Week is the best part of American Idol’s audition process. You see the pressure in contestants’ faces, you can hear the nerves… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: No drama as American Idol fills out it’s Top 24 or Stuff You knew if you’ve been reading the site

Thursday night’s American Idol drama was anything but. Thanks to the Top 24 silhouette video and the amount of screen time given to contestants, figuring out which one of the final Idols was… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: That time Maddie Walker murdered someone to reach American Idol’s Top 24

It wasn’t one of the top million performances in the history of American Idol, but what Maddie Walker did facing elimination in the face is Top 5 moment in the show’s history because… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: Who should win American Idol Season 14? How about the guy that will win AI15?

There are roles to fill. Listen, American Idol stopped being just about the talent years ago. You get five white dudes who can play guitar winning in a row, you need to make… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: Lack of insane people – judges not included – made American Idol Group Night a little less fun

I feel robbed. Group Night is the highlight of Hollywood Week and while we all hate the bullshit drama that gets shown during auditions of years past, we LOVE the bullshit drama that… Continue reading

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