The Playlist: What the Top 11 American Idols should sing for ‘Songs of the Cinema’

People suck at picking songs. I’m not just talking American Idol contestants. I’m talking people in general. How many times have you been to a karaoke bar where some boozebag is slamming down… Continue reading

American Idol Top 12 Recap: Emily Gets Loud, goes home

If you want to read a recap from the show, here’s the link. I won’t delve too much more into that, because it’s just as boring to re-write as it is to watch.… Continue reading

American Idol Top 12 Elimination: America gets it right, gives Urban giant middle finger

Has America finally come to its senses? Tonight’s American Idol elimination went exactly how eliminations are supposed to go – the three worst performers of the week were in the bottom three and… Continue reading

American Idol Top 12: Safety Dance

Well that was underwhelming. There weren’t any winners tonight on Idol. We just had a bunch of contestants terrified to get eliminated and it made for some pretty terrible boring-ass TV. Looks like… Continue reading

American Idol Top 13 Recap: KO gets KO’d

I’m not going to rehash last night’s live elimination. I hate watching elimination shows so I’m not going to force-feed a recap down your throat. Not the way we do things here at… Continue reading

Did we do it again or did we do it again?

I am shocked Kristen O’Connor got kicked off tonight. Who could have seen that coming? Oh, wait. Called It. We’ll have a breakdown on what went wrong for the bottom three and why… Continue reading

American Idol Top 13 LIVE: Rock out with your Idol out

Well American Idol started slow, found some nice performances and was going just fine but NOW I WANT TO SHOTGUN BEERS, BLOW SOME LINES AND ROCK MY ASS OFF!!!!!!! Thanks Caleb Johnson. I… Continue reading

Who is going to win Season 13 of American Idol? It’s easy. Ben Briley.

REASONS: It is entirely possible producers had a feeling Neco Starr or Briley would end up in the Top 5 and both would make a run to the final. So put them up… Continue reading

Your American Idol Season 13 Runner Up Is … Alex Preston

REASONS: You know who loves to overthink the obvious? THIS GUY. I had Alex slotted as the winner of Season 13 before I stopped and said “Fuck it.” He’s the most musically talented… Continue reading

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