If you get Idol winner Kelly Clarkson and Olympian Kelly Clark confused you’re a complete moron

Wall Street Journal – Kelly Clark is pretty famous. The American snowboarder is a four-time Winter Olympian with two medals in the women’s halfpipe, and is likely to win another medal in Wednesday’s final.… Continue reading

Eric Cartman came up with Colton Dixon’s new album cover

I don’t want to say Colton Dixon needs to fire everyone who came up with this cover idea, but if they still have a job I’d be shocked. It’s not so much an… Continue reading

Is Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry’s return to Idol a bad idea? Do Lambert and Daughtry’s groupies use different bathrooms?

The Hollywood Reporter – The live shows on American Idol are inching closer, but before the top contestants go before an audience, they have to get through a new competition phase called Randy Jackson’s “Boot Camp.” Helping with the… Continue reading

Fox’s president sounds like a lunatic when he talks about American Idol

Digital Spy – American Idol is “winding down” and in a “transition” period, according to 21st Century Fox president Chase Carey. The talent show, which has dominated the TV landscape for over a decade, will no longer… Continue reading

Idol’s Carrie Underwood + Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick = Best. Time. Ever.

What I would have done to hang out with Former Idol winner Carrie Underwood and Anna Kendrick, who probably would have won Idol if she chose singing over being a movie star, at… Continue reading

BREAKING: Simon Cowell will return to American Idol. Duh.

An inside source tells Dudes Review Idol that Simon Cowell is returning to American Idol. That inside source is common sense (You think we really have people in the know? You give us… Continue reading

Clay Aiken running for Congress, hoping Ruben doesn’t run too

When I read Clay Aiken was running for Congress, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Famous people always run for offices they’re not qualified for because why not. Then… Continue reading

Guess who just won American Idol Season 13 thanks to Ellen DeGeneres?

We’re not out of Hollywood Week yet and we’ve already found out who won the show. It’s Jessica Bassett. Jessica fucking Bassett. Remember her? She was a hippie-looking chick who did an original… Continue reading

Don’t Cross Michael Orland, the toughest dude on American Idol

I want to tell you about the biggest badass on American Idol. It’s Michael Orland. Legit terrifying. For the uninformed, he’s the pianist (don’t laugh at the word; he’ll find you and cut… Continue reading

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