Cashing Out: Who’s gonna eat the worm?

What an awesome night. Probably my favorite of the year. Salt Lake with a surprise. First of all, I’ve been to Utah. Weird ass spot. The beer sucks, it’s like drinking Poland Spring… Continue reading

Golden Ticket: Episode 5

Youth is being served. We don’t do exact stats in these quick recaps – difficult to do after I’ve been drinking solid for a straight hour; the bottle of cab I took to… Continue reading

Cashing Out: Short and Sweet

1) Power hour Thanks for cockblocking us last night AI … One HOUR?!? Are you serious?!? How am I going to slam my usual sixer of Bud Light smoothies in an hour? I’ll… Continue reading

Golden Ticket – Episode 4: Redneck Women

Just as I was getting to the show, it was over. While I don’t love the one-hour audition episode, my liver appreciates it, but the producers managed to jam-pack a ton of talent… Continue reading

Captain’s Corner: Repeat Offenders, Contenders

Let the mind games begin. As the auditions go on, we start to learn a lot of things; the relationship between Harry Connick and Keith Urban is hilarious and bring credibility and fun… Continue reading

Cashing Out: Watt is Going On?

1) Missing the Rejects I wish they would sprinkle in a little bit more of the really shitty singers, 3 just isn’t enough. Plus if you didn’t have these, where would William Hung… Continue reading

The Golden Ticket – Episode 3

That might have been the most controversial audition episode in American Idol history. Can’t complain about how they’ve done the episodes so far; we’re seeing a lot more people get in because instead… Continue reading

He Has Returned!

ORLANDO – If you like to follow local talent on singing contests, you’ll want to catch “American Idol” this week. Mount Dora’s David Oliver Willis, who made it to the “Idol” Top 40 last year… Continue reading

In Least Surprising News Ever, Underwood Made the Most Money of any Ex-Idol in 2013

CMT – Simon Cowell was only half right. When he told Carrie Underwood he predicted that she’d not only winAmerican Idol back in 2005 but that she’d sell more records than any other previous Idol winner, he didn’t… Continue reading

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