Captain’s Corner: It’s a Group Thang (and it’s got a funky swang)

Group Night needs to go. American Idol prides itself on being a true competition that crowns the best individual singer in the country (or at least that year). So if this is all… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: Planes, Buses and Urbanmobiles

There was a new hitch to the start of Hollywood Week, but it was the same old story it’s been in the past – some surprise eliminations, some news faces to keep an… Continue reading

American Idol Contestant Comes Out During Audition and Nobody Notices? WTF?

“Did he just?” “Did I just hear that right?” “And now he’s singing ‘Same Love?’” “He’s gotta be, right?” That was my reaction hearing Keith London sing Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy”… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: Hangarin’ by a Moment

Confession time. It snowed a shit-ton during the AM commute so my wife (who’s out the door as soon as Madelyn Patterson says so) caught a ride to work from her dad in… Continue reading

American Idol Season 13’s Top 10 and Wild Cards … I think

Now things are getting real. Sort of. This is just a prognostication (BOOM big word) piece based on what we saw in auditions and there’s a better than average chance everything is going… Continue reading

American Idol Season 13’s Top Girls … I Think

As a whole, the girls are better than the guys this year. And that’s not like last year when we were told the girls were better, even though it wasn’t true and the… Continue reading

American Idol Season 13’s Top 15 Guys … I Think

They’re all the same. That’s what kept going through my head as I wrote down my list of guys I liked to move on to the Top 15 in American Idol. There aren’t… Continue reading

Want to know who’s going to win Season 13 of American Idol? We’re going to tell you

In a couple of weeks, you’re gonna read a lot of predictions about who’s going to win American Idol. Once they knock the field down to 15 guys and 15 girls, and then… Continue reading

Captain’s Corner: Saving the Tess for Last

Auditions are done. And I’m bummed about it. I’ve been watching American Idol since this chick I was dating forced me to watch it at the start of Season 6 (we’ve been married… Continue reading

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