In Least Surprising News Ever, Underwood Made the Most Money of any Ex-Idol in 2013

CMT – Simon Cowell was only half right. When he told Carrie Underwood he predicted that she’d not only winAmerican Idol back in 2005 but that she’d sell more records than any other previous Idol winner, he didn’t… Continue reading

The Captain’s Corner – Take My Breath Away

Everybody is getting to Hollywood this year. I don’t know if the Austin and San Francisco episode was as good as Boston and Austin – they certainly weren’t as fun to say –… Continue reading

Cashing Out: Leaving Our Heart In San Francisco

1) San Fran huh? It’s like Idol is doing a tour of C-Money’s favorite U.S. cities. I f’n love San Fran – Alcatraz, Danny Tanner, nice bridge, Anchor Steam etc. A few of… Continue reading

The Golden Ticket – Episode 2

Where the hell is American Idol? Fuck it. What they’re showing is so much better. Tonight’s episode didn’t feature the same talent as last night, but it was still good. The focus wasn’t… Continue reading

The Captain’s Corner: Massholes

Did American Idol just get better? The premiere had to be a tease. It had to be. These tryouts are rarely about the talent; it’s about pushing sappy stories, judges’ hijinks and people… Continue reading

Cashing Out: 7 thoughts from last night

1. First of all … Austin and Boston on the same show? Probably the two best cities in America, not to mention the underlining joke of Austin, Massachusetts by Tom Green in Road… Continue reading

The Golden Ticket – Episode 1

That might have been the best season premiere in the history of the show. We didn’t have a montage of people dressed up in costume with no singing voice. We didn’t have sappy… Continue reading

And This … Is Dudes Review Idol

This all started as a joke. Three years ago my buddies and I started sending each other Facebook messages about American Idol. It was pretty funny, and then we noticed we’d have a… Continue reading

Season 13 will definitely not suck

Thank god American Idol is back. Football is gonna be over soon and I need something to get me to spring. Last season sucked. There’s no other way to describe it. It was… Continue reading