American Idol Instant Recap: Tristan McIntosh, “Independence Day”

All she needed was a little fire under her ass to make her start singing. Who knew? Other than La’Porsha, Tristan’s probably been the best performer since the Top 10. The last three… Continue reading

American Idol Instant Recap: MacKenzie Bourg, “Wild World”

That was sneaky good. There’s no doubt MacKenzie has more cheese in his performances than Wisconsin, but there’s something about it that’s fun. His take on Wild World was fun and different. It… Continue reading

American Idol Instant Recap: La’Porsha Renae, “Ready For Love”

That was perfect. Not gonna waste words here because there’s a good chance I’ll be pounding out another 750 on how awesome La’Porsha Renae is. How’s that for insight?

American Idol Instant Recap: Dalton Rapattoni, “Numb”

Let’s be honest – nobody thought that was going to be remotely listenable, especially when you saw the song, the band and based on Dalton’s recent performances, who was singing it. I didn’t… Continue reading

American Idol Instant Recap: Trent Harmon, “Counting Stars”

Someone in America really hates Trent Harmon because that was rough. Since American Idol is so great and explaining how the process works, I can’t imagine Trent picked that song as much as… Continue reading

American Idol Top 6: If a leather catsuit can’t stop La’Porsha, can anybody?

It’s getting to be that time of year. As we make our way from the Top 8, we should be seeing some performances that make you wonder why in the hell the person… Continue reading

American Idol Instant Recap: Sonika Vaid, “I Have Nothing”

Have to imagine if you gave Sonika a shitload of wine some truth serum, she would tell you she knew she deserved a Top 5 spot ahead of Dalton and Tristan and of… Continue reading

American Idol Instant Recap: Lee Jean, “Let It Be”

You need to know your Idol history when you pick songs because if you’re a 15-year old dude and you sing the Beatles, people are going to try and compare you to something… Continue reading

American Idol Instant Recap: Avalon Young, “Pretty Young Thing”

Me and Avalon have gone on quite a roller coaster ride. I didn’t like her, then I did, then I didn’t, then I loved her and now this. Really wanted her to advance… Continue reading