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Auditions finally over on American Idol, time to get to the backstabbing, fights and crazy stage moms. WE MADE IT.

Painless and easy. That’s what the American Idol auditions should have always been. Sunday’s audition finale was the best episode, heavy in talent, not over the top with background stories and it kept… Continue reading

Second night of auditions awesome for American Idol; who knew showing people with talent was actually good for the brand?

It’s been two episodes, but I ain’t scared to say it. American Idol is back . For the die-hards the show didn’t leave, it just went down a path we’d rather forget, like… Continue reading

Everyone should be happy American Idol auditions have finally ended because they’re the worst

Crowded House was right. Don’t dream it’s over. Really tough to believe that was the last audition episode of American Idol we’re going to see. I’ve never been a huge fan of the… Continue reading

American Idol Auditions, Part IV: You get a ticket and you get a ticket and you get a ticket …

I’d love to know the thought process behind last week’s auditions because Wednesday was short on time and slim on talent while we got the full boat Thursday with at least three contestants… Continue reading

I will not make a City of Brotherly Love joke about Wednesday’s American Idol auditions

Nothing like sitting down for a casual one-hour audition episode of American Idol and getting smacked in the face in the final five minutes. While last Thursday’s final performer had a heart-warming story… Continue reading

Fox’s president sounds like a lunatic when he talks about American Idol

Digital Spy – American Idol is “winding down” and in a “transition” period, according to 21st Century Fox president Chase Carey. The talent show, which has dominated the TV landscape for over a decade, will no longer… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: Hangarin’ by a Moment

Confession time. It snowed a shit-ton during the AM commute so my wife (who’s out the door as soon as Madelyn Patterson says so) caught a ride to work from her dad in… Continue reading

Captain’s Corner: Saving the Tess for Last

Auditions are done. And I’m bummed about it. I’ve been watching American Idol since this chick I was dating forced me to watch it at the start of Season 6 (we’ve been married… Continue reading

Cashing Out: I Love Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls

Omaha, Omaha! Ah Nebraska, the home of Ed Perkins who invented Kool-aid in 1927. How else could we celebrate hot summer days with packets of colored sugar. The last day of the audition… Continue reading

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