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Don’t ‘duet’ again American Idol; seven get through, but Idol’s agenda made an appearance that wasn’t as surprising as Farrah Abraham’s

Was anyone actually surprised by Thursday’s results show? It’s not just the semi-shocking results. It was the kind of night of TV where a less inspired blogger would have continued watching The West… Continue reading

American Idol Top 30 Performances of All Time: No. 14, Jena Irene, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: So I thought this version was different and original. Fast forward a few months later, I’m putting my kid to bed, put on the lullabye station on Pandora – she calls… Continue reading

American Idol finale: Caleb wins Idol, doesn’t call anyone a retard again, nearly saves the brand

American Idol isn’t back, but it’s damn close. Let’s forget about last season. It’s not a knock on Candice Glover, an infinitely talented singer who won’t ever sell the records she was promised,… Continue reading

American Idol Final Performances: Caleb should be getting the Season 13 crown Thur…, I mean, Wednesday

It’s simply amazing that a network that runs major sporting events has no clue how to run a halfway decent reality show competition. MISTAKE NO. 1: Idiots who run Fox There isn’t one… Continue reading

American Idol Top 3 Elimination: Alex goes home to his super hot girlfriend, plenty of adoring fans and the kind of groupies you write home about

No Alex Preston in the final? What? It makes sense. There’s no way you can tell me Alex isn’t a better talent than Caleb Johnson or Geena Gina Jena Irene. He proved it… Continue reading

American Idol Top 3: Remember when I said Jena was going to win Season 13? I meant Caleb. I think.

The show started strong and ended just as well, sandwiching a bunch of strong performances in between. (This, of course, means ignoring the “Selfie Song,” which sounds like a robot having an abortion… Continue reading

American Idol Top 4 Elimination: Everyone goes home! (Don’t tell Jessica she’s not getting a parade)

Nice to have a controversy-free show. We got the Ryan Seacrest fakeout – saying “The first person headed to their hometown with a big parade … IS … gonna find out after the… Continue reading

American Idol Top 4: Jena’s gonna win and Caleb has to be retarded to not apologize

There are two things I know after tonight’s show. 1) Jessica Meuse is going home. 2) Geena Gina Jena Irene isn’t screwing around. The big thing going into the night was whether or… Continue reading

Caleb Johnson mentions cocaine, hookers and says “retard” during his clinic on “How To Ruin Your Chances To Win Idol In Less Than 3 Minutes”

What are the odds Fox forces Caleb Johnson to issue an apology live Wednesday night? Can it be higher than 100 percent? Because there’s no way they’re gonna ignore one of their Top… Continue reading

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