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The Math Don’t Lie: Why the most Popular Idol isn’t a lock to win the Twitter Save

So how did Daniel Seavey, with his 47,000 Twitter followers, lose to Rayvon Owen and his meager 19,000? Math, my friends. Math. When the Twitter Save was announced, most involved in covering American… Continue reading

Breaking It Down: They weren’t Kelly Clarkson, but American Idol Top 8 put on a show

On a night seemed destined for disasters, the Idols stepped their games up. With Original Idol Kelly Clarkson mentoring a group performing songs from her songbook, having three or four disastrous performances seemed… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8: The Rayvon-Seavey Singoff Caps an Amazing Night for Idol

How was that for two hours of television? It’s not often you can bring out a TV show’s original queen, have a night filled with some pretty strong performances and in 10 minutes… Continue reading

The Dude Abides: What Clark Beckham, Daniel Seavey, Nick Fradiani, Quentin Alexander, Qaasim and Rayvon should sing for Kelly Clarkson week on American Idol

Not a good week to be a guy on American Idol. First off, none of them sounded this good in their audition. Based on what we saw last week, a guy is likely… Continue reading

Breaking It Down: 80s Night on American Idol goes as well as a Neon Shirt with a pair of Zubaz (PS That Means AWESOME)

So that was awesome, right? The Season 14 class continues to impress and while only two of the Idols were born in the 80s, they performed the hell out of the songs from… Continue reading

American Idol Top 9: The QaasimSpiracy owned the 80s

And just like a pair of ill-fitting leather pants in a way too hot night club, American Idol 80s night was ruined. There’s no need to complain further about Qaasim Middleton’s save. What… Continue reading

The Picks Are In: My Take On the American Idol Top 11 80s Week Song Choices

In honor of 80s Night, what I’ll look like all evening Break out the cocaine, because that’s the only way I’m enjoying 80s Night on American Idol tonight. I’m joking (about what, you’ll… Continue reading

The Dude Abides: What the American Idol Top 10 Should Sing for 80s Week – Daniel Seavey

Daniel Seavey WHAT HE SHOULD SING: “King of Wishful Thinking,” Go West The scariest part of the “80s Week” theme is Seavey because he was born almost a full decade after the 80s… Continue reading

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