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American Idol Top 12 Recap: Emily Gets Loud, goes home

If you want to read a recap from the show, here’s the link. I won’t delve too much more into that, because it’s just as boring to re-write as it is to watch.… Continue reading

American Idol Top 12 Elimination: America gets it right, gives Urban giant middle finger

Has America finally come to its senses? Tonight’s American Idol elimination went exactly how eliminations are supposed to go – the three worst performers of the week were in the bottom three and… Continue reading

American Idol Top 12: Safety Dance

Well that was underwhelming. There weren’t any winners tonight on Idol. We just had a bunch of contestants terrified to get eliminated and it made for some pretty terrible boring-ass TV. Looks like… Continue reading

American Idol Top 13 LIVE: Rock out with your Idol out

Well American Idol started slow, found some nice performances and was going just fine but NOW I WANT TO SHOTGUN BEERS, BLOW SOME LINES AND ROCK MY ASS OFF!!!!!!! Thanks Caleb Johnson. I… Continue reading

Halfway home: No. 7, Emily Piriz

REASONS: This pick could be way to high or way too low. She’s an anomoly because she is exactly what the producers want in an “American Idol” – she’s young, can sing, can… Continue reading

Who is Going To Win Season 13 of American Idol? We’ll Tell You

I can’t see on contestant winning American Idol this season. I can see about seven, which scares the hell out of me. It’s not hard to make guesses on who is going to… Continue reading

Golden Ticket: American Idol Wild Card Picks – America, F*ck Yeah

Did America just not totally screw up American Idol? Maybe it was the quality – or equality – of the contestants, but there was nothing dirty about the way Thursday night’s results show… Continue reading

American Idol Top 13 Revealed! Because I’m a Genius.

So who is America voting for? If you’ve watched the show, you know there’s patterns. Certain genres fare better than others – which is why I suspect we’re low on pure country singers… Continue reading

American Idol Top 15 Girls: Circle everyone’s fat, because it’s Rush Week!

There’s no point in getting hysterical over last night’s results. Those hysterics are better for instant reaction and a day later, are as useful as Randy’s Boot Camp (boom, roasted). Failure is probably… Continue reading

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