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American Idol Top 4 Elimination: Everyone goes home! (Don’t tell Jessica she’s not getting a parade)

Nice to have a controversy-free show. We got the Ryan Seacrest fakeout – saying “The first person headed to their hometown with a big parade … IS … gonna find out after the… Continue reading

American Idol Top 4: Jena’s gonna win and Caleb has to be retarded to not apologize

There are two things I know after tonight’s show. 1) Jessica Meuse is going home. 2) Geena Gina Jena Irene isn’t screwing around. The big thing going into the night was whether or… Continue reading

Don’t be mad at Sam Woolf for last night. Be mad at the real idiots – Per Blankens, Evan Prager and Jesse Igjatovic.

There’s a lot of anger lingering over last night’s “surprise twist.” There is one place it shouldn’t be directed. At Sam Woolf. Sam had nothing to do with what went down. He was… Continue reading

American Idol Top 5 Elimination: Unlike Santa, the SamSpiracy was real

Where do you begin? How can you rationally write about what just happened? Three minutes into tonight’s American Idol elimination show, we heard the dreaded words “a shocking twist” which means only one… Continue reading

American Idol Top 5: We all saw Jessica’s thigh tattoo, right? Just making sure

I wanted there to be more. I wanted bigger songs and bigger performances. I wanted to cry – something that’s not so hard to make me do when I have a couple cocktails.… Continue reading

American Idol Top 6 Elimination: Shock would have rocked

The drama started around 1 p.m. this afternoon when the official American Idol Twitter feed put this out on the interwebs: The Top 5 are revealed TONIGHT! Make sure to tune-in at 9/8c… Continue reading

American Idol Top 6: Figuring out what rocked and what rolled

Things got a little intense last night. Basically, I made a joke about R5 and next thing I knew a million teens were coming at me on Twitter. I interact, so it limited… Continue reading

American Idol Top 6: The #SamSpiracy Comes To Life

The fix is in. After tonight’s performances, there’s no doubt about it – Season 13 of American Idol isn’t about talent, song choice or performances. It’s all about how marketable you can be… Continue reading

American Idol Top 7: I’m tryin to tell y’all it’s not sabotage

These Idols are too nice. Not for nothing, but if I’m six bad performances away from winning American Idol, I’m doing everything possible to make sure one of those performances is somebody I’m… Continue reading

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