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American Idol Top 8, Part II: Breaking Down the bottom 3, again

It’s over. Take a breath. Relax. Things will be OK. It’s the day after and if you’re a normal human being and not related or friends of her, you should be over the… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8 Elimination: Judges don’t save Malaya because they screwed up last week

First off, let’s get this out of the way – tonight’s American Idol elimination wasn’t the wrong one. America has been wildly consistent (shocker) this season about sending home the week’s worst performer… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8, Part II: The 80s couldn’t have been this boring because everyone was on blow

It’s nights like tonight that I wish I did cocaine instead of talking about how awesome it is. With a theme like “The 80s” it should have been a rousing success. We should… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8: Breaking Down The Bottom 3

Last night was certainly interesting. Even though I’m pretty much the No. 1-rated American Idol expert at picking who’s going to be Bottom 3, last night I felt like everybody else because nobody… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8 Elimination: Save the fails

Let’s talk about the save. It’s a good idea on paper. Love the idea of it. It’s a perfect fail-safe because as we’ve seen on American Idol past, America is prone to fucking… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8: Where Have I heard that before?

When I was younger (before the DVR era) nothing would piss me off more than getting all pumped for my favorite show and finding out it was a repeats. Nobody likes repeats except… Continue reading

American Idol Top 9: Go Big or go home

If you didn’t like tonight’s show, you don’t get American Idol. It wasn’t filled with spectacular performance after spectacular performance. There weren’t any tears being shed from my couch (except by my daughter… Continue reading

American Idol Top 10: Idols sing the hits. Or at least try to.

You know what would be more entertaining than watching American Idol contestants struggle week in, week out with song choices and execution? Watching the ones that don’t. Let’s just cut the field in… Continue reading

American Idol Top 11: A Mediocre Night at the Movies

Don’t believe the judges. Regardless of how many times Harry Connick Jr. says it – with Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban smiling and nodding like bobblehead dolls – this year’s contestants are not… Continue reading

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