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Who’s left on American Idol? These are the 51 remaining contestants

STANDING, from left to right Jon Klaasen (hidden), Dalton Rapattoni, James XIII, MacKenzie Bourg, Kassy Levels, Tristan McIntosh, Isaac Cole, Mary Williams, Shelbie Z, La’Porsha Renae, Terrian Bass, Chynna Sherrod, Ariel Sprague, Zack… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: American Idol continues to not makes sense, eliminates Melanie Tierce and I’m pretty sure no one involved in the show knows how the internet works

It doesn’t make sense. On American Idol, it never has. Hollywood Week is the best part of American Idol’s audition process. You see the pressure in contestants’ faces, you can hear the nerves… Continue reading

The American Idol Season 15 premiere was pretty good, minus the Kanye thing

And we’re off. Wednesday’s American Idol premiere was about as good as you can ask from an audition episode. The reminisced the perfect amount of time, then got right into the auditions. There… Continue reading

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