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Nick Fradiani proves he can perform Arena Anthems on American Idol and might be able to win the show while proving extra small T-shirts aren’t just for kids either

A very revealing night on American Idol tonight, and I’m not talking about J-Lo’s dress. Just when I think Clark Beckham and Tyanna Jones are running away with the show, Jax comes up… Continue reading

One Idol is singing “Light My Fire” on American Idol’s ‘Arena Anthems’ Week as Idol proves it doesn’t know what ‘Arena Anthems’ means either

The second the words “Arena Anthems” flowed from Ryan Seacrest’s perfectly chapsticked mouth (just assuming) it was clear this so-called theme was going to be followed with the loosest of interpretations, because there’s… Continue reading

The Dude Abides: What Tyanna, Quentin and Nick Fradiani should sing for the American Idol Top 6 Arena Anthem Week on American Idol

When Ryan Seacrest announced next week’s theme I was extremely curious because I wanted to know how many different glam-rock or Jock Jams songs could be turned into something viable for the American… Continue reading

Breaking It Down: American Idol Top 6’s American Classic performances were far from Wack

From top to bottom, the performances on American Idol Wednesday night were there. We just didn’t have any “moments.” I mean, except for this guy Instant drunken Twitter assessments aside, the sober re-watch… Continue reading

The war of words on between Quentin and Harry turned American Idol into an American Classic

Tonight’s American Idol proved one thing. The entertainment industry – performers, producers, hosts, journalists (using that term loosely) and even fans – have skin thinner than Karen Carpenter. (And if I’m opening with… Continue reading

The Dude Abides: With the American Idol Top 7 Singing American Classics, Here’s What Clark, Nick, Quentin and Rayvon Should Sing

(Same intro as the girls; if you’ve already read it, feel free to skip ahead) For the second week in a row, American Idol teases an incredibly vague theme. Wonder if the Idols… Continue reading

Breaking It Down: American Idol Top 8 weren’t great, but they were still damn good

The night should have been a hell of a lot better. This wasn’t Country Music Night. Or Big Band Night. Or even Motown Night. This was Billboard Night and while American Idol was… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8: The Clark Beckham/Tyanna Jones Show Moves On

The Qaspiracy is dead, but so are many of the contestants chances. Because if you don’t know who the Final 2 is going to be, you weren’t paying attention. Before even getting into… Continue reading

The Dude Abides: What the American Idol Top 8 Should Sing – Quentin, Clark, Nick, Qaasim and Rayvon

(Intro to girls and guys are the same; skip if you’ve already read it) American Idol’s ambiguity with the theme is zero fun. Around the interwebs it says next week’s Idol theme is… Continue reading

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