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After his performance on the American Idol Top 10, Michael J Woodard should be the next Disney hero because he saved the night

Tonight’s American Idol drew the same reaction from me as telling a kid you’re going to Disneyland. No, not Disneyworld that all the cool people go go. Broke ass Disneyland, where your dreams… Continue reading

American Idol opens its live shows with a bang, and by bang I mean 40 minutes of horror followed by a handful of decent performances

Making excuses for American Idol kinda comes with the territory, but there’s only so much of this I can take. Sunday’s live show might have been the worst in the history of the… Continue reading

How did the first round of American Idol’s Top 24 go? Ryan Seacrest had the best performance of the night. That’s how it went.

Sunday night’s American Idol stunk but I’m not putting one ounce of blame on the contestants. Here’s who I’m blaming instead: The Producers This round is the most infuriating because it’s the most… Continue reading

American Idol auditions bring the heat while making you cry like my kid when she has to take her Legos apart

That’s what I needed from an Idol audition episode – some sweet, sweet sap with a ton of talented contestants. Screw with my emotions like a jilted lover, then tell me how it… Continue reading

Breaking it down: Bad news American Idol fans, we already have a winner

The worst part of not drinking during American Idol auditions is re-watching the following morning because I’m not surprised by anything. It was always fun to wake up violently hung over and watch… Continue reading

Ryan Seacrest is definitely going to be hosting the new season of American Idol on ABC and it’s probably going to be Sunday nights

So apparently Ryan Seacrest is the new host of Kelly & Ryan, which will always be Regis & Kathy Lee to me because, despite my stature as the #DadLife king, I don’t watch… Continue reading

The American Idol Season 15 premiere was pretty good, minus the Kanye thing

And we’re off. Wednesday’s American Idol premiere was about as good as you can ask from an audition episode. The reminisced the perfect amount of time, then got right into the auditions. There… Continue reading

The Best American Idol Performances of All Time

This list was never about me. When I started it back in 2014, I wanted to put together a comprehensive list of the 30 best performances in American Idol history but I wanted… Continue reading

American Idol Top 30 Performances of All Time – No. 1, Adam Lambert, “Tracks of My Tears

Any greatest American Idol performance list that doesn’t have an Adam Lambert song ranked No. 1 is wrong. That’s really it. With plenty of ranked lists and clickbait slideshows coming for the final… Continue reading

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