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Don’t ‘duet’ again American Idol; seven get through, but Idol’s agenda made an appearance that wasn’t as surprising as Farrah Abraham’s

Was anyone actually surprised by Thursday’s results show? It’s not just the semi-shocking results. It was the kind of night of TV where a less inspired blogger would have continued watching The West… Continue reading

Breaking It Down: Who won Season 14 of American Idol came down to one thing and Nick Fradiani had “It”

The one reason Nick Fradiani deserved to beat Clark Beckham for the American Idol Season 14 title happened in the opening number. With Fradiani and Beckham singing with Fall Out Boy, the appearance… Continue reading

Nick Fradiani should win Season 14 of American Idol and here’s why (PS I still love Clark Beckham)

When I said Nick Fradiani was going to Kris Allen his way to the American Idol Season 14 title, I was kinda joking. He clearly had the look, had a good enough sound… Continue reading

American Idol Top 3: Clark Beckham reappears and his moment might be enough to take down Nick Fradiani and Jax for the Season 14 title

The Final 3 is the week where American Idol is won. So why didn’t it feel that way Wednesday? It’s tough to ignore the history of the Final 3, especially when six of… Continue reading

I have returned from the dead, thanks to Jax, SCOTT BORCHETTA and American Idol

Don’t worry y’all. I’m alive. So after last week’s terrific American Idol, where I lost my SnapChat and Periscope virginity as well as getting obnoxiously drunk, things took a downhill turn. I’ll spare… Continue reading

American Idol’s Scott Borchetta explains why he tweets in all CAPS, murders me at the same time

RACING ROYALTY – BEAUTY & THE BEAST! HAHAHAHA EVI GURNEY & 3TIME INDY CHAMP @dariofranchitti #BOBBYUNSER #RRDC pic.twitter.com/N2Mqfe1bvB — Scott Borchetta (@scottborchetta) April 19, 2015 It took less than 140 characters for Scott… Continue reading

The Dude Abides: What Clark, Jax and Rayvon should sing for American Idol Top 6 Arena Anthem Week

(Intro the same; feel free to skip it) When Ryan Seacrest announced next week’s theme I was extremely curious because I wanted to know how many different glam-rock or Jock Jams songs could… Continue reading

The war of words on between Quentin and Harry turned American Idol into an American Classic

Tonight’s American Idol proved one thing. The entertainment industry – performers, producers, hosts, journalists (using that term loosely) and even fans – have skin thinner than Karen Carpenter. (And if I’m opening with… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8: The Rayvon-Seavey Singoff Caps an Amazing Night for Idol

How was that for two hours of television? It’s not often you can bring out a TV show’s original queen, have a night filled with some pretty strong performances and in 10 minutes… Continue reading

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