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American Idol Instant Recap: Sonika Vaid, “Clarity”

If you’re going to pick an up-tempo song with the emotional depth of my kid’s wading pool, you need to sit back and think about who are the majority of Idol voters. You… Continue reading

American Idol Instant Recap: Sonika Vaid, “Let It Go”

One of the downsides to fatherhood is being forced to listen to princess movie soundtracks and as someone who has listened to Frozen more than probably any album I’ve ever personally owned, I… Continue reading

American Idol Top 6: If a leather catsuit can’t stop La’Porsha, can anybody?

It’s getting to be that time of year. As we make our way from the Top 8, we should be seeing some performances that make you wonder why in the hell the person… Continue reading

American Idol Instant Recap: Sonika Vaid, “I Have Nothing”

Have to imagine if you gave Sonika a shitload of wine some truth serum, she would tell you she knew she deserved a Top 5 spot ahead of Dalton and Tristan and of… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8: La’Porsha puts the ‘sing’ back into singing competition, or something like that

American Idol is back. When the show started, it was about two things – who could sing and who couldn’t. Once David Cook came along, everything changed. Idol became a show for talented… Continue reading

American Idol Top 14: Idol makes up rules as it goes, manages to not ruin a great show

What was your favorite part of Wednesday’s American Idol? For me, it was really a toss-up of finally seeing competitive singing and Idol pretending like the judges could only unanimously agree on four… Continue reading

If you’re not excited for the American Idol sing-off, GTFO of here right now

I like the sing off. With six people singing for four spots, the idea of competing was something I couldn’t wait to see. Then American Idol went and screwed up the Top 14.… Continue reading

Don’t ‘duet’ again American Idol; seven get through, but Idol’s agenda made an appearance that wasn’t as surprising as Farrah Abraham’s

Was anyone actually surprised by Thursday’s results show? It’s not just the semi-shocking results. It was the kind of night of TV where a less inspired blogger would have continued watching The West… Continue reading

American Idol Top 24: Nobody told Jeneve Mitchell the fight was over and everybody’s gonna regret that

So that’s why we have them sing. Looking at who was set to perform Wednesday, picking seven seemed as standard as saying no when a cashier asks you if you want to donate… Continue reading

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